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Deliver Us From Evil

All of us have seen press and television pictures of victims of genocide and war, and winding lines of refugees in Africa or on a mountain pain Europe and felt instinctively that 'something must be done'.

In this urgent book William Shawcross reveals what lies behind decisions by the 'international community' to intervene in crisis zones on humanitarian grounds, and shows us the consequences when the troops and aid agencies move in. It is a story of noble aspirations, often ignoble realpolitik, and great courage by international aid workers and uncertain progress.

'Deliver Us From Evil is eloquent and heart-rending. In the last two decades unorganized armies, often not under state control, have done as much harm as national armies. William Shawcross's horrifying account of modern genocide and his dramatic stories of the brave men and women who attempt to make and keep the peace is a powerful call to action which must be heard.'
William Keegan, author of The First World War

'Shawcross is quite simply one of the best reporters of his generation. In this remarkable but disturbing book he takes us on a tour of the past decade's worst international trouble spots.'Daily Mail

'The title is precisely the theme of this dramatic and stimulating book... Shawcross describes recent examples vividly and with feeling, sparing us no astrocities.'
The Sunday Telegraph

'The most readable account of UN peacekeeping you are ever likely to get your hands on.'
Financial Times

'The world still has much to learn about how to combat evil, but this book makes an outstanding contribution to that learning experience.'
The Sunday Times

'The book is both a political history of the 'nineties, detailing the various international episodes in which the UN has intervened, and a philosophical examination of the wider issues involved.'
The Week

'William Shawcross stands as the foremost journalist of his generation, and his stature in this book is not so much observer as moral participant... this is an admirable book by an admirable man.'
The Irish Times

'It would be a miracle if every politician, UN and national government official, NGO worker, and soldier read this book. But it would be a start.'
The Times

'...a highly readable account... political leaders would do well to read this book.'
Mail on Sunday

'A panoramic account of conflicts and humanitarian interventions.'
The Independent

'Shawcross's book is long overdue.'

'An important contribution to an ongoing debate.'
New Statesman

'It is an intellectual pleasure to read William Shawcross... clear-sighted, objective and rational [and] a relief from the usual fare of fantasising served up by our standing army of the self-righteous. When you finish the book you will feel that, finally, you understand. This is an honest book by an honest reporter.'
Sunday Independent

'With this book Shawcross holds a mirror up to ourselves as we respond ineffectively to the world's horrors.'
Glasgow Herald

'An experienced observer of the world's troubled spots, Shawcross offers a sobering account of what are now well known paradoxes of international peacekeeping and relief efforts. [He] offers a useful reality check for all those well-meaning people who clamour for the United Nations to do something when the dark side of human nature stirs trouble in some remote corner of the world.'
Glasgow Sunday Herald

'A meticulously researched book, with new insights into the wars of the 1990s and the world's complex reaction to them. More than any writer before him Shawcross has attempted to analyse the consequences, failures and achievements of the UN peacekeeping mission, Shawcross excels.'
Literary Review

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